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Splash Day!! 5/28

by Robert Bolomey -

Good morning, I have been approved to throw a Splash day for our students who are in good standing with behavior (minimal conduct points in the past 9 weeks and/or no more than 2 referrals for the year). This will be on Tuesday, 5/28 from about 9:00-lunch or just after. We will have an inflatable water slide and other water related activities.  We will not be doing food for this day, students can have cafeteria lunch or may bring their own lunch as usual. Although this is a splash day students should be dressed appropriately.  Boys and girls should have appropriate length shorts as well as shirts on.  I strongly recommend clothing that does not become see-through when it gets wet. I also recommend students come to school in their "water clothes", but bring a towel, dry clothes to change into afterwards, and sunscreen if necessary. Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Student Survey

by Ashley Rogan -

Students, please complete this survey to help us continue to improve your experiences at school, thank you!

Middle School Yearbook Superlatives

by Ashley Rogan -

Vote for Middle School Superlatives for the Yearbook here:

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